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Matte Onyx with Evil Eye Bracelet – 8 mm


Onyx is known as the stone of strength. It provides support in difficult circumstances and during times of emotional or physical stress. It absorbs negative energies in one’s surroundings. Onyx centers one’s energy and aligns it with a higher power, accessing higher guidance. This crystal promotes vigor, steadfastness, and stamina.

The evil eye dates back thousands of years and is found in countless cultures. It is described as an evil glare that can be directed at one in a number of ways. This symbol is a talisman said to shield against these negative energies, whether intentional or unintentional. It wards off bad luck and misfortune. It offers protection from jealousy, envy, projections, generational curses, and the unknown. It also protects one from their own negative thoughts and self-talk.

  • 8 mm beads
  • Elastic
Please keep in mind that each stone is unique, therefore coloring may vary.
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